Painting with Spirit with Chris Pateros

painting-with-spirit-1Painting with Spirit with Chris Pateros

Saturday February 25th, 2017 & Sunday February 26th, 2017


Come paint with spirit and a circle of creative dreamers! Join me for a magic-filled weekend! Yes, we’ll paint! And so much more!

Come gather for the weekend in a supportive nurturing art community empowering you through connection, creative expression and transformation. WE will create amongst stillness and serenity, in gratitude and delight as we practice the art of ceremony by arranging a beautiful mandala-like offering together made from nature’s bounty of flowers and leaves and herbs and seeds, celebrating and honoring Mother Earth.

While immersing in the experience of shamanic journey for guidance and empowerment, we’ll connect with allies in the animal and plant worlds and bring the colors, the textures and the visions to the canvas. You’ll be supported making marks and spreading colors to sounds of drum and rattle and singing bowls while visioning dreams from deep in the wells of the imagination.

Be transported with a mini bonus of a personal energetic cleanse and heart empowerment that I will gift to you just as indigenous healers have gifted to me. Come as a new painter or a seasoned professional open to receive and open to allow your own synchronous energy to flow.

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